BSG1974 เครื่องทำแซนวิชBreville BSG1974

BSG1974 the Original ’74™

4,850.00 ฿

Durable stainless steel jaffle maker
Two at a Time. The Australian Invention Re-Invented


Two at a Time. The Australian Invention Re-Invented
The first jaffle maker was invented by Breville in 1974. Then a jaffle was nick named a Breville . 'brevuhl (noun) : a jaffle that is diagonally bisected.

So why don't they make them like they used to ?

With durable polished stainless steel, wide sealing edges and a 3 year warranty  the Original '74 brings back the quality of the past.

Enjoyed by over 6 million people worldwide

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Product Description

Scissor Action Seal and Cut

images (7)Scissor action seals edges and cuts sandwich into triangles, minimising mess and making hot sandwiches easier to eat.

Deep Pocket Design

images (5)Seals edges but leaves the middle only lightly pressed to fit in bigger fillings.

Two Slice Capacity

images (6)Makes up to 2 sandwiches at once.


Additional Information

น้ำหนัก 1 lbs
ขนาด 1 x 1 x 1 mm


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